How to Use Rifle Scope for Better Fishing?

How to Use Rifle Scope for Better Fishing?

Game hunting offers a thrilling and fantastic experience especially when done with the right equipment. To achieve the best results in a fishing trip, one of the main factors is having great hunting tools. One of this fishing equipment is a rifle scope.

With a reliable riflescope, it is easier to spot the animals from a distance and execute the shot with a higher degree of precision. Rifle scopes also come with different settings that can be adjusted according to the preference of the user. However, people using rifle scopes to enhance their fishing routines should consider the following.


Sighting is considered one of the most important preparations for a hunting trip. The first thing during a sighting-in is to give the rifle a thorough cleaning. It does not make sense to have the most or most efficient scope while the rifle does not deliver the same level of efficiency. A complete rifle checks up will improve its effectiveness and a higher accuracy in the field.

Test the Sight of the Bore

How to Use Rifle Scope for Better Fishing?The rifle scope itself must be bore-sighted to ensure better results. Bore sighting the rifle and scope will make sure that the initial shots that have been fired will be within an acceptable shooting range. As such, there will be no wasted ammunition. Most rifles come with a bore sighting device. However, if it is not available, it is possible to improvise.

A prospective hunter can place bullseye 25 yards away and use it as a target. Watching through the scope, if the cross hairs coincide with the bullseye, then it will be possible to hit the target. If the bullseye and the cross hairs of the rifle scope are not centered, the scope should be adjusted, until they are centered (worth working rifle scopes can be compared on This is one method to ensure that the bullet hits the sighted target when hunting fish with a rifle.

Test it for different weather conditions

Weather changes can sometimes affect vision when using a scope for fishing. It is therefore advisable to test the rifle scope under different weather conditions, to see how it performs. Some rifle scopes lose much of their vision when subjected to foggy weather. Additionally, the rifle scope should be water proof, considering that it will be used mostly in wet conditions.

A reliable rifle scope should produce excellent results even when subjected to varying weather conditions. The user should, therefore, know which settings to use under such situations, to get the best results from the rifle scope. Fishing is sometimes done at night since this is the time most fish come out from their hiding zones. A good scope should also be reliable during such conditions.


A rifle scope can create all the difference between a successful fishing trip and a failed fishing trip. With the right scope and quality practice, the user can be able to make accurate shots through better sighting. Additionally, there will be less ammunition wasted since the bullets used mostly hit the target. Additionally, it is important to undertake regular practice with the rifle and scope, to get used to them and handling them in order to realize good results.