How to Cook Salmon In a Pressure Cooker?

How to Cook Salmon In a Pressure Cooker?

Who doesn’t love having sea food? Along with imparting us with nutrients, sea-food, especially Salmon tends to be very sumptuous and tasty. Around the world, people usually have a craving for Salmon. The dish is prepared around the world in several ways. While most chefs have their own style of cooking Salmon, many people tend to have a special interest in preparing Salmon in a pressure cooker. If you are confused as to how to cook salmon in a Pressure Cooker, we have the steps that can help you with cooking process. If you want to learn how to cook salmon in a pressure cooker, here are the steps you must keep in mind.

Salmon Dishes

Salmon dishes are quite a few in numbers, and in this article, we learn how to cook Salmon Al Cartoccio’, a dish of Italian origin, which is also enjoyed around the world. Italian for packet cooking, the term   Al Cartoccio’ involves cooking of the salmon through steam within its own juices and flavor. Some vegetables can also be added for the Salmon dish to taste better.

It is important to note that the Salmon is a source of very delicate protein, and hence, one has to make sure that it is protected by the heat and turbulence of the pressure cooker (you are suggested by Pressure Cooker Today for the safe and best pressure cookers). Often, Salmon cooking is done with proper protection. Therefore, if you are learning how to cook salmon in a pressure cooker, it is necessary that you protect using a foil or oven paper.

Also, the preparation time for Salmon in a pressure cooker is close to 20 minutes, the cooking time can go up to 15 minutes. Depending upon the pressure cooker you are using, the serving capacity would vary. However, in the given preparation and cooking time, one can easily cater to four people.

How to Cook Salmon In a Pressure Cooker?Top Ingredients for Salmon Fish

Here, we list the ingredient for Salmon Al Cartoccio’,
1) 4 Salmon fillets, fresh
2) Sliced Tomatoes
3) Sliced Lemon
4) Shaved Onion
5) 4 Sprigs of Parsley and Thyme each
6) Olive Oil
7) Salt and Pepper, according to taste

Here are the instructors for how to cook Salmon in a Pressure Cooker:

Start with placing the ingredients on a parchment paper. You must start with swirl of oil, potatoes, salt and pepper, oil, salmon fillets, salt, pepper, and oil. Follow it up by adding onion rings, lemon slices, salt, and oil. Finish the addition by folding the packet in a tinfoil. Now, pour a couple of cups of water inside the pressure cooker. Placing of Steamer basket in position is necessary, and then by laying the packet on the steamer.

You can cook two fillets simultaneously. With larger cookers, one can use two layers of steamer baskets together. Close the pressure cooker lid. High heat must be initiated. After it reaches the pressure, then the heat must be turned to lowest setting. As discussed above, the cooking time should be 12-15 minutes. The vapor can be allowed to escape, but the lid shouldn’t be moved. Wait for another 5 minutes as the packets containing Salmon wait inside. Wrap it up by removing the lid, taking the salmon out of the foil. Your Salmon Al Cartoccio’ is ready to serve.

As we see, learning how to cook Salmon in a pressure cooker is not that difficult.