Camera Keeps an Eye Out For Trespassers In The Fishing Area

Poaching and fish theft is becoming a serious concern of anglers all around the world. There has been reported an exceedingly high level of trespassing in the private fishing areas. Whether you are a serious sport fisherman or just a recreational enjoyer of angling this problem concerns you too. The problem has grown to such proportions mostly because of the lack of awareness of the law system regarding the protection of wildlife and nature itself.

What Is Trespassers In Fishing Area?

Not being aware, or simply not caring about the impact that fish theft has on the environment and on the livelihoods of fishermen is a main excuse for trespassers in fishing areas. If you are notice a fish or wildlife offense you are obligated to report the violation. However, areas that are affected by the poachers are usually well hidden from the eyes of the public, so it’s hard for anyone to make a valid report which should consist of automobile license number, model, year, color, description of a person who committed the violation, and type of violation.

Many anglers have tried several techniques to secure their favorite fishing areas, but they have all shown ineffective in dealing with trespassers. Posting No Trespassing signs is certainly feeble against them, locked gates are easily surpassed and notifying the local authorities is not so adequate way when you don’t have enough information on the trespasser. One thing is certain: You should never confront, shoot or attack the trespasser. When everything fails you should try relying on the technology to offer you the solution.

How to Protect Your Fishing Area?

Camera Keeps an Eye Out For Trespassers In The Fishing AreaWe can give you some solid advice on how to protect your fishing area from trespassing with a trail camera. On today’s market there are several trail cameras that might just be the solution to your problems with trespassers defiling your fishing areas (some example products They are easy to, some have night vision, but the most important thing they are giving you is the proof you need.

When placing the game camera you must be careful not to point it directly into the sun or it will be useless. The principle it works on is simple and effective. It documents the movement. However if you point your camera directly into the sun it will take unnecessary photos due to the temperature changing in combination with breeze that moves vegetation. In other words, your camera will get confused and eat your valuable card space.

Your camera should also be secured from stealing. If the trespasser is there to steal your fish why wouldn’t he pick up a camera that’s just standing between the branches unattended? You can even make your own heavy-duty camera boxes that are suitable for protecting your camera. The thief won’t be able to pick them up, and your property will be heavily protected.

Bottom Line

You have to be aware of the environment in which you are putting the trail camera. Pay close concern to the angles, light etc. and also put your camera somewhere secluded but with good visibility. You can also use camouflage to secure your trail camera furthermore. When you have gathered all the necessary information you’ll also need a good software program to help you organize all the data.