A Guide to The Best Bow Fishing Bow

A Guide to The Best Bowfishing Bow

The sport of bow fishing is like no other. It gives you the wonderful rush of shooting a bow and arrow, but in a much calmer environment. Many consider it to be a very welcoming sport because they can convert their new[er] archery bows for use on the water. There are only a few thing that the shooter must have. The basic equipment that is needed to hit the water is a bow, fishing string, and your arrow. With that being said, there has been a surge in the popularity of bow fishing bows. This means that there are now specifically made compound bows and recurve bows on the market that are built to give you an advantage on the water.

Advance Technology

In today’s market, there have been so many advances in technology that I think there are only two viable options for bow fishing. The first option that I would suggest is converting an old archery bow that was built after 1990, or getting a bow made specifically for bow fishing. Archery bows that were built after 1990 can easily be converted into bow fishing bows, because many of them have pre-fabricated sight holes drilled into the bow.

Having the sight holes on the bow gives the shooter the perfect place to mount a handy device called the AMS Retriever Reel. It attaches to most all bows that have this mounting hole very effortlessly. This bottle reel will make retrieving your arrow, much easier. There will be no need to hassle with manually pulling your arrow back in hand-over-hand after you have taken your shot and there is no need to worry about having the chords get tangled up.

Different Fishing Aspects

When making your decision, you have to think about many different factors. I feel the most important it where you will be fishing. If you are considering using your bow fishing bow to do some deep sea fishing, I would recommend that you go with a dedicated setup. The materials that they are made of can easily be cleaned; Think of the gory nature that comes with impaling a fish.

Purchasing a dedicated setup will help you immensely when you head out into these deeper waters. When you are in deeper waters you need to be careful with your depth perception. The reason for this is because of the way that water reflects images. Most of the bow fishing bows on the market will have a sight that comes in the package that will help you compensate for the water reflection of the images, making the sport a lot easier.

Bottom Line

You never know, maybe you might start by making your own setup with very inexpensive tools and realize that you have a passion for this sport like I did. If this is the case, then as you progressively get better, you will begin to purchase better equipment. You don’t have to purchase anything too fancy when you’re still testing out the waters. You will start to notice the different tools at your disposal such as reflection compensating sights, roller rests, fish hook rests, and water specific broadheads. All of these items will help you to elevate your game so that you can achieve your best performance.