4 Reasons to Take Up Fishing as a Hobby

4 Reasons to Take Up Fishing as a Hobby

Why go for fishing, you ask. Fishing is boring, unpredictable, and it always seems to be raining. Wrong – millions of people enjoy fishing for a reason. Fishing can in fact be a very satisfying long term pursuit, even with countless other hobbies fighting for your limited time. Deeper in, the hours you spend holding the rod is precious time for contemplation and fulfillment. Add to that, the immensely rewarding burst of surprise and delight when you reel in that beautiful brook trout or the 30-pound score. Who says fishing is never exciting? Here are 4 reasons to take up fishing as a hobby.

1. Self Fulfillment

Fishing can be a great way to get some time with yourself. In the hubbub and rigors of our society, it can be easy to forget about self-fulfillment. Going fishing by calm, quiet waters is a great way to free yourself from the reins of your work and worries. For many, little is more revitalizing than sitting comfortably by a beautiful mountain stream and watching the gentle flow of the water.

As a lifetime skill, fishing is something that can never be mastered overnight. Instead, you slowly develop from years upon years of experience – the best anglers are often quite old. This is great for adding a sense of purpose to your life, and actually feeling like you are learning something. Live life without regrets, and live with a purpose.

Numerous life lessons are taught from fishing as well, as you would have guessed from “The Old Man and the Sea”. Yes, for many, it is not the fish you catch that’s important. More important is the invaluable teachings fishing will teach you. You learn to accept failure and to stay optimistic. To unplug and find your path in life. These are the things you never learnt in school, but are just as important.

2. It Keeps You Healthy

Bathing in the sub for long periods increases the production of Vitamin D in your body. This is especially great for your bones and greatly reduces your risks of getting osteomamacia. As a bonus, you also get an attractive, healthy looking glow on your skin from the sun. Just remember to put on some sunscreen for longer fishing sessions.

Besides immediate benefits, more important is the lifestyle that fishing encourages. Instead of dozing off at home and gaming your life away, you will begin to spend more time with nature. Soon you will learn, nature is as good a form of entertainment as your daily TV serials. Seeking out good sites and trekking to the water can be very fun in itself. So get off the couch and start using those limbs!

3. It Does not Require Prior Experience

4 Reasons to Take Up Fishing as a HobbyWhile having some knowledge and skills are great, you absolutely do not need any to start. Its mostly intuitive and you learn by doing. Just gather your equipment, head over to a nearby spot and start right away! If you are not fully confident, a few tutorials on YouTube can give you a huge head start.

As mentioned, you do not become an expert in fishing overnight. But you can get started in learning right now. The nuances and techniques of fishing is something you should discover yourself. Learn what’s great and what’s not, what suits you best and what does not pair well with you. Lifelong learning is central to fishing, but you don’t need hours and hours of practice to make your first catch.

4. A Great Activity for Socializing

Fishing is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and find social fulfillment. With millions of hobbyists, you can seek out a local group and have countless hours of fun with fellow anglers. After all, what’s more fun than fishing, is fishing with others. While waiting for the fish, you can have a nice, long chat about anything you want. Politics, nature, or just plain fishing, you name it.

Being involved in a club adds the much needed spice to your life as well. It is a good avenue for sharing knowledge and achievements, along with being a place to socialize. Many communities are available, from forums to small clubs, each with members willing to help you out.

Going fishing with family and friends can give you some really good times as well. Be it wandering in search of a good fishing spot, or setting off on a nice, rocky boat, having companions to share your joys and maintain optimism makes for an awesome time. Not to mention, you want someone to acknowledge your next big catch as well.


As they say, a bad day at fishing is better than a good day at work. If you are discouraged from fishing because you are afraid of failure, of rainy days, don’t. Be it bad times or good, fishing presents an invaluable life lesson for anyone. Having companions to do it with you makes it even better. Even beginners can fish very well with a bit of practice. If you are interested in beginning your journey, great! Buy the equipment, and get started right away before the motivation escapes you. The journey ahead may not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful, fun, and inspiring.