3 Reasons to Start Bass Fishing

3 Reasons to Start Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is no doubt a sportsman’s choice of fishing. It is not your kid’s fishing with a simple bobber and worm. You cannot buy a treble hook and load it up with a stinky blob of color for trout. Bass fishing uses a skill of the water color, temperature, and layout to choose which lure or line set up. The technique is key in catching the big bass. Once hooked, Bass give an exciting fight worth the wait of a hundred casts. Lastly, the camaraderie in the Bass fishing world is top notch.

1. The Technique

Bass fishing technique is a little more complicated but reading the lake environment and knowing which lure to attach to your line is all you need. If the water is warm, using a top water bait like a buzzer would be a good choice. They move fast in warm water and catching a Bass on a buzzer is a great thrill. When the water is colder, using a slower mid-water or deep water lure is a better choice. Clarity of the water dictates what colors to use. Natural food options also help a fisherman decide which lures to use.

Bass fishing technique is exciting because it involves using creativity in choosing the best lure. Knowledge of the lake is a must. Knowing the layout of the lakebed is important in locating where the bass are hiding. They are territorial fish and set up their nests in fallen trees and underwater caves. Bass fishing is not cast, reel in, and repeat. To get a bass to strike, it’s territory has to be invaded. It is merging hunting, trapping and fishing all in one smooth motion.

2. The Fight

3 Reasons to Start Bass FishingThe lake is quiet, a thin layer of mist skimming over the water, the crisp cold morning air, and then a strike hits the line. Your heart tugs with your pole as you set the hook and the fight is on. A Bass pulls on your line unlike any other fish. You know it’s big as it dives and pulls. You are not just reeling in your next catch; you are performing a delicate and intricate dance between you and the bass.

The first glimpse of your prey breaks the surface in an exciting jump in an attempt to throw the hook. You keep your line tight to ease it in, let it out when it starts to pull too hard, reel back in before the slack gets too much the fish can spit it out. Then finally the smooth green and milky white is seen through the murky water. A scoop of a net and the green beast is landed.

3. The Camaraderie

Bass fishermen are a friendly group of people ready to share what has worked for them. Even in competitions, boaters are ready to talk about lake conditions and what has worked in preceding days. They keep the best secrets for themselves, but are happy to share many tips and stories. Bass fishermen are a special group of fishermen much like bow hunters differ from riflemen. Once a bass strikes a line, the fisherman becomes hooked on bass.