4 Reasons to Take Up Fishing as a Hobby

Why go for fishing, you ask. Fishing is boring, unpredictable, and it always seems to be raining. Wrong – millions of people enjoy fishing for a reason. Fishing can in fact be a very satisfying long term pursuit, even with countless other hobbies fighting for your limited time. Deeper in, the hours you spend holding the rod is precious time for contemplation and fulfillment. Add to that, the immensely rewarding burst of surprise and delight when you reel in that beautiful brook trout or the 30-pound score. Who says fishing is never exciting? Here are 4 reasons to take up fishing as a hobby.

1. Self Fulfillment

Fishing can be a great way to get some time with yourself. In the hubbub and rigors of our society, it can be easy to forget about self-fulfillment. Going fishing by calm, quiet waters is a great way to free yourself from the reins of your work and worries. For many, little is more revitalizing than sitting comfortably by a beautiful mountain stream and watching the gentle flow of the water.

As a lifetime skill, fishing is something that can never be mastered overnight. Instead, you slowly develop from years upon years of experience – the best anglers are often quite old. This is great for adding a sense of purpose to your life, and actually feeling like you are learning something. Live life without regrets, and live with a purpose.

Numerous life lessons are taught from fishing as well, as you would have guessed from “The Old Man and the Sea”. Yes, for many, it is not the fish you catch that’s important. More important is the invaluable teachings fishing will teach you. You learn to accept failure and to stay optimistic. To unplug and find your path in life. These are the things you never learnt in school, but are just as important.

2. It Keeps You Healthy

Bathing in the sub for long periods increases the production of Vitamin D in your body. This is especially great for your bones and greatly reduces your risks of getting osteomamacia. As a bonus, you also get an attractive, healthy looking glow on your skin from the sun. Just remember to put on some sunscreen for longer fishing sessions.

Besides immediate benefits, more important is the lifestyle that fishing encourages. Instead of dozing off at home and gaming your life away, you will begin to spend more time with nature. Soon you will learn, nature is as good a form of entertainment as your daily TV serials. Seeking out good sites and trekking to the water can be very fun in itself. So get off the couch and start using those limbs!

3. It Does not Require Prior Experience

4 Reasons to Take Up Fishing as a HobbyWhile having some knowledge and skills are great, you absolutely do not need any to start. Its mostly intuitive and you learn by doing. Just gather your equipment, head over to a nearby spot and start right away! If you are not fully confident, a few tutorials on YouTube can give you a huge head start.

As mentioned, you do not become an expert in fishing overnight. But you can get started in learning right now. The nuances and techniques of fishing is something you should discover yourself. Learn what’s great and what’s not, what suits you best and what does not pair well with you. Lifelong learning is central to fishing, but you don’t need hours and hours of practice to make your first catch.

4. A Great Activity for Socializing

Fishing is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and find social fulfillment. With millions of hobbyists, you can seek out a local group and have countless hours of fun with fellow anglers. After all, what’s more fun than fishing, is fishing with others. While waiting for the fish, you can have a nice, long chat about anything you want. Politics, nature, or just plain fishing, you name it.

Being involved in a club adds the much needed spice to your life as well. It is a good avenue for sharing knowledge and achievements, along with being a place to socialize. Many communities are available, from forums to small clubs, each with members willing to help you out.

Going fishing with family and friends can give you some really good times as well. Be it wandering in search of a good fishing spot, or setting off on a nice, rocky boat, having companions to share your joys and maintain optimism makes for an awesome time. Not to mention, you want someone to acknowledge your next big catch as well.


As they say, a bad day at fishing is better than a good day at work. If you are discouraged from fishing because you are afraid of failure, of rainy days, don’t. Be it bad times or good, fishing presents an invaluable life lesson for anyone. Having companions to do it with you makes it even better. Even beginners can fish very well with a bit of practice. If you are interested in beginning your journey, great! Buy the equipment, and get started right away before the motivation escapes you. The journey ahead may not always be easy, but it will always be beautiful, fun, and inspiring.

7 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

The modern media has reported numerous cases of gun violence. In most of such cases, the crime perpetrators were not the legal owners of the guns. This means that they were able to access a gun. For example, it is not uncommon to hear cases of children who assessed a gun belonging to a parent. Similarly, homes with known gun ownership are more vulnerable to burglary. Having stated that, the most effective ways of keeping the gun away from the wrong hands is through owning a gun safe.

Why Should You Own a Gun Safe?

Keeping the Gun Away From the Children

7 Reasons to Own a Gun SafeNaturally, children may not have a developed judgment and discretion to differentiate the right from wrong. Just like medicine, parents as well as any caregiver should try their level-best to keep the gun away from the children. In addition to that, kids are prone to excitement and curiosity, factors which may contribute to the wrong use of the gun.

Keeping the Gun Away From Thieves

You should make sure that a robber is not going access your gun. The robbers are going to use your gun to commit a crime. A gun safe will ensure that a robber is not going to access the gun even during a home invasion.

Fire and Natural Disasters

Fire arms can be damaged by fire (and even excess heat). Moreover, it can lead to an explosion. These can have a dangerous impact to both the home owners and third parties such as the fireman. Similarly, natural disasters such as floods can leave your gun damaged or in a poor condition. A gun owner should buy a gun safe in order to prevent it from fire.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on the company in question, some insurance agents may require to know if you had a gun safe before compensation. In fact, some insurance companies may want to know the standard and quality of the gun safe.

Guarding Against Lawsuits

Should your gun be used to commit a crime, you are going to have sufficient defense that you were not negligent. Also, you can make a strong legal case that you were not an accomplice to the crime in question.

Proper Maintenance

7 Reasons to Own a Gun SafeJust like machines, a gun needs to be well maintained in order to ensure an optimal performance and durability. A gun safe ensures that your gun is well maintained. This is going to come in handy when you need it.

Safety of Other Valuables

One of the most difficult things is to store valuables and documents safe. For example, a title deed is a very important document, and it has a direct impact on the present and future generation. Families have settled on a gun safe for the safe custody of certain valuables and documents such as gold, bonds, tax documents, and birth certificates.


As the old saying says, prevention is better than cure. It is far much better to prevent a crime before it occurs, and a gun safe will help you to prevent regrettable experiences. Overall, a gun safe is going to guarantee that your gun is accessible, safe, and well-maintained.

How to Use Rifle Scope for Better Fishing?

Game hunting offers a thrilling and fantastic experience especially when done with the right equipment. To achieve the best results in a fishing trip, one of the main factors is having great hunting tools. One of this fishing equipment is a rifle scope.

With a reliable riflescope, it is easier to spot the animals from a distance and execute the shot with a higher degree of precision. Rifle scopes also come with different settings that can be adjusted according to the preference of the user. However, people using rifle scopes to enhance their fishing routines should consider the following.


Sighting is considered one of the most important preparations for a hunting trip. The first thing during a sighting-in is to give the rifle a thorough cleaning. It does not make sense to have the most or most efficient scope while the rifle does not deliver the same level of efficiency. A complete rifle checks up will improve its effectiveness and a higher accuracy in the field.

Test the Sight of the Bore

How to Use Rifle Scope for Better Fishing?The rifle scope itself must be bore-sighted to ensure better results. Bore sighting the rifle and scope will make sure that the initial shots that have been fired will be within an acceptable shooting range. As such, there will be no wasted ammunition. Most rifles come with a bore sighting device. However, if it is not available, it is possible to improvise.

A prospective hunter can place bullseye 25 yards away and use it as a target. Watching through the scope, if the cross hairs coincide with the bullseye, then it will be possible to hit the target. If the bullseye and the cross hairs of the rifle scope are not centered, the scope should be adjusted, until they are centered (worth working rifle scopes can be compared on www.BestRifleScopeReviews.org/). This is one method to ensure that the bullet hits the sighted target when hunting fish with a rifle.

Test it for different weather conditions

Weather changes can sometimes affect vision when using a scope for fishing. It is therefore advisable to test the rifle scope under different weather conditions, to see how it performs. Some rifle scopes lose much of their vision when subjected to foggy weather. Additionally, the rifle scope should be water proof, considering that it will be used mostly in wet conditions.

A reliable rifle scope should produce excellent results even when subjected to varying weather conditions. The user should, therefore, know which settings to use under such situations, to get the best results from the rifle scope. Fishing is sometimes done at night since this is the time most fish come out from their hiding zones. A good scope should also be reliable during such conditions.


A rifle scope can create all the difference between a successful fishing trip and a failed fishing trip. With the right scope and quality practice, the user can be able to make accurate shots through better sighting. Additionally, there will be less ammunition wasted since the bullets used mostly hit the target. Additionally, it is important to undertake regular practice with the rifle and scope, to get used to them and handling them in order to realize good results.

Ways to Search Underwater World with Metal DetectorsFor centuries, boats and ships filled with huge amounts of treasure have sunk to the bottom of the oceans and lakes. Due to the technology of past years, rescue missions were not possible. In addition, diving to those great depths for long periods was not feasible. As a result, most of the valuable treasure lay at the bottom waiting to be discovered.

When choosing a metal detector for using underground, one of the key considerations should be weight. The heavier the detector, the harder it will be to move around underground. While weight may not much of an issue above ground, it means a lot under water. Good underwater detectors come at very low weight.

Coil Sized Metal Detectors

Another important feature of underwater metal detectors is coil size. If one is hunting for objects underwater, they need to be able to detect objects that are buried under layers of sand. In such an instance, a huge coil will prove quite effective. However, it is important for one to determine what types of objects they are searching. In most cases, searching for treasure underground means one is looking for huge objects. This means that an underwater detector should have a huge coil.

Water Proofed Metal Detectors

Underwater metal detectors need to be water proofed. The waterproofing should be preferably for huge distances under water. If the detector can only operate in shallow water, it may not be of much use. This is because when it is bombarded by a wave, the weak waterproofing will give in and flood the essential equipment. A good detector is also made of stainless steel material (as an expert discusses about top underwater metal detectors on the following piece; http://www.metaldetectorjudge.com/best-underwater-metal-detector-in-2015/). Otherwise, it will only be usable for a few weeks before it becomes too corroded to be of any use to anyone.

Underwater Treasure

Ways to Search Underwater World with Metal DetectorsIn order to become effective at detecting for valuables underwater, one needs to have solid data behind them. One of the best ways to do this is to peruse through historical records. This can give one insight into important shipwrecks that may have gone unnoticed for years. One should also make sure they join a good metal detecting club in their area. This will help one to hone their skills in metal detecting.

Besides ancient records, areas frequented by tourists are a good place to go metal detecting. This is because tourists tend to be very well off. If they can afford to take a holiday that means they can afford to buy expensive valuables. This is usually a good place to target. Due to the high tide, that means that some of the valuables may have been swept out to sea. However, due to their weight, they sink to the bottom only a short distance offshore.


Choosing a metal detector should also involve cost considerations. If one is going to do this only for fun, a cheap model will do just fine. However, if one is following a good lead on a potential treasure, finding the right detector could be of great importance. That will mean one has to spend a bit more.

Most people already have a basic concept of what a fish finder does. Besides that, they understand how it utilizes sonar to find fish inside the water. However, there are more ways to use a fish finder offer higher functionality. This can make it better at locating fish in ways one can never imagine. This increases one’s experience of using the fish finder.

Combining It with A Chart Plotter

3 Advanced Ways to Use Fish Finder for Better FishingSome anglers argue that one should never combine their chart plotter with a fish finder. They argue that if they break down, one is stuck. However, this is a feeble argument. If the fish finder broke down alone, the fishing trip would be done either way. In addition, any serious angler knows that they should always bring a basic GPS backup with them. Essentially one should have a fish finder with a split screen. This device allows one to plot their location and see where the fish are. As a result, next time one is out fishing; they can go back to their last location and begin reeling in those big fish again.

Finding the Thermocline

For those who have a bit of geography knowledge, they understand that water in water bodies is not at the same temperature. In most cases, water has a specific depth at which two layers with varying temperature touch each other. Some fish may be on either side of this thermocline. Being able to find this thermocline is essential to catching fish. Inexperienced anglers may not be able to find this line. However, carefully examining the fish finder will reveal where the thermocline is. In most cases, it shows up as a weak, broken line.

At times, it may be mistaken as baitfish. If one sees a consistent thin broken line that does not disappear for long periods, they have found the thermocline. Most huge fish lie surfing this thermocline. It is an effective way to catch fish. One should just set their line at this depth when they are sure that the line has been there for long periods.

Tuning the Fish Finder

3 Advanced Ways to Use Fish Finder for Better FishingMost fish finders have a basic functionality about them. In addition, advanced fish finders come with auto tuning. However, this can be edited manually in some fish finders. For instance, if one is in very murky waters, they should tone down the sensitivity of the fish finder. This will help to make it better at seeing fish under water. If it is too sensitive in debris-filled water, it might show everything as potential fish. However, one should be careful not to tune it down too much. A bit of experimenting will help to show how good it is at sensing fish.

If you are looking for an effective and a budget friendly fish finder the Garmin Echo 101 has been getting great reviews online and some have stated that it is one the cheapest fish finder that money can buy when featured are compared and topping some listings in online reviews.


A fish finder has a lot to offer its users. In most cases, people only access the most basic functions it has to offer. These few advanced tips can make it more effective at catching fish. Users should consider these advanced options when they purchase their fish finder. There is a chance that one is not fully utilizing their fish finder.

Easy to Follow Fish-Finder Buying Guide

A fish finder is a device that locates fish underwater in order to catch some in the largest quantities possible. Also called a sounder, this instrument detects pulses of sound energy, as would a sonar. The graphical display modern fish finders feature allows the user to easily interpret the information and identify areas rampant with fish.

Choosing The Right Fish-Finder For You

Though you may be tempted to choose the most high-tech device with the most advanced features, operating a fish finder that works for you requires you to assess your needs and pick a machine that works in close accordance to them. Sometimes, the more feature-ridden the device, the less efficient it will be in your particular circumstance.

Prior to choosing a machine, you must establish the following:

  • The depth of the water you usually fish in
  • The amount of fish you are looking to catch
  • The volatily of fish-schools in your fishing waters
  • Whether you will navigate between different water depths

Having clear answers to these questions will facilitate the selection process for you. The next step will be to consider the main differing features and elements in different fish finder models.

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Transducer frequency

Fish finders have either single, dual or multiple frequency transmitters. The most common frequency levels are:

  • 50 kHz (deep water)
  • 192 kHz (shallow water)
  • 200 kHz (shallow water)
  • 400 kHz (very shallow water)

The higher the frequency of the device, the more detailed the graphics showing up on your screen. As more waves are being sent out and received through the transducer, high-frequency transmitters are the best option for shallow water fishing.

Should you be looking for a luxury high-tech item, you may go for fish-finders with incredibly sharp, 400 kHz transducers. As multiple-frequency transmitters, they have different frequency options catering to different fishing needs in different waters.

Power level

Easy to Follow Fish-Finder Buying GuideThe power of a fish finder is measured in Watts. The greather the wattage, the higher the power of the instrument. This means the readings will be displayed faster, and be usable in deeper water – and vice versa. Were you to fish in shallow water, you’d need relatively low power for satisfactory results.

Screen Resolution

The more pixels your screen can display, the clearer the graphics rendered back to you. It is advised you choose a screen of at minimum 240×160 pixels, for anything under that would show patterns difficult to distinguish.

Cone Angles And Beams

Cone angles establish how wide the beam is sent from your boat to the water bed. The greater the diameter, the bigger the surface your transducer is spanning, and the more information you may receive on your surrounding waters. Large-scale, commercial fishing may require transducers with 40-60 degree angle cones, while 20 degrees is perfectly sufficient for sport fishing.

Transducer Material

Though fish finders come in a range of different materials, most devices come with plastic transom mount transducers. These are compatible with all boats besides pontoons. Plastic housing is the best choice for fiberglass and metal hulls. Aluminum hulls, on the other hand, will require stainless-steel housings. Should you seek further information on buying a fish finder or guidance on finding the model that is right for you, contact us today.

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How to Cook Salmon In a Pressure Cooker?

Who doesn’t love having sea food? Along with imparting us with nutrients, sea-food, especially Salmon tends to be very sumptuous and tasty. Around the world, people usually have a craving for Salmon. The dish is prepared around the world in several ways. While most chefs have their own style of cooking Salmon, many people tend to have a special interest in preparing Salmon in a pressure cooker. If you are confused as to how to cook salmon in a Pressure Cooker, we have the steps that can help you with cooking process. If you want to learn how to cook salmon in a pressure cooker, here are the steps you must keep in mind.

Salmon Dishes

Salmon dishes are quite a few in numbers, and in this article, we learn how to cook Salmon Al Cartoccio’, a dish of Italian origin, which is also enjoyed around the world. Italian for packet cooking, the term   Al Cartoccio’ involves cooking of the salmon through steam within its own juices and flavor. Some vegetables can also be added for the Salmon dish to taste better.

It is important to note that the Salmon is a source of very delicate protein, and hence, one has to make sure that it is protected by the heat and turbulence of the pressure cooker (you are suggested by Pressure Cooker Today for the safe and best pressure cookers). Often, Salmon cooking is done with proper protection. Therefore, if you are learning how to cook salmon in a pressure cooker, it is necessary that you protect using a foil or oven paper.

Also, the preparation time for Salmon in a pressure cooker is close to 20 minutes, the cooking time can go up to 15 minutes. Depending upon the pressure cooker you are using, the serving capacity would vary. However, in the given preparation and cooking time, one can easily cater to four people.

How to Cook Salmon In a Pressure Cooker?Top Ingredients for Salmon Fish

Here, we list the ingredient for Salmon Al Cartoccio’,
1) 4 Salmon fillets, fresh
2) Sliced Tomatoes
3) Sliced Lemon
4) Shaved Onion
5) 4 Sprigs of Parsley and Thyme each
6) Olive Oil
7) Salt and Pepper, according to taste

Here are the instructors for how to cook Salmon in a Pressure Cooker:

Start with placing the ingredients on a parchment paper. You must start with swirl of oil, potatoes, salt and pepper, oil, salmon fillets, salt, pepper, and oil. Follow it up by adding onion rings, lemon slices, salt, and oil. Finish the addition by folding the packet in a tinfoil. Now, pour a couple of cups of water inside the pressure cooker. Placing of Steamer basket in position is necessary, and then by laying the packet on the steamer.

You can cook two fillets simultaneously. With larger cookers, one can use two layers of steamer baskets together. Close the pressure cooker lid. High heat must be initiated. After it reaches the pressure, then the heat must be turned to lowest setting. As discussed above, the cooking time should be 12-15 minutes. The vapor can be allowed to escape, but the lid shouldn’t be moved. Wait for another 5 minutes as the packets containing Salmon wait inside. Wrap it up by removing the lid, taking the salmon out of the foil. Your Salmon Al Cartoccio’ is ready to serve.

As we see, learning how to cook Salmon in a pressure cooker is not that difficult.

Poaching and fish theft is becoming a serious concern of anglers all around the world. There has been reported an exceedingly high level of trespassing in the private fishing areas. Whether you are a serious sport fisherman or just a recreational enjoyer of angling this problem concerns you too. The problem has grown to such proportions mostly because of the lack of awareness of the law system regarding the protection of wildlife and nature itself.

What Is Trespassers In Fishing Area?

Not being aware, or simply not caring about the impact that fish theft has on the environment and on the livelihoods of fishermen is a main excuse for trespassers in fishing areas. If you are notice a fish or wildlife offense you are obligated to report the violation. However, areas that are affected by the poachers are usually well hidden from the eyes of the public, so it’s hard for anyone to make a valid report which should consist of automobile license number, model, year, color, description of a person who committed the violation, and type of violation.

Many anglers have tried several techniques to secure their favorite fishing areas, but they have all shown ineffective in dealing with trespassers. Posting No Trespassing signs is certainly feeble against them, locked gates are easily surpassed and notifying the local authorities is not so adequate way when you don’t have enough information on the trespasser. One thing is certain: You should never confront, shoot or attack the trespasser. When everything fails you should try relying on the technology to offer you the solution.

How to Protect Your Fishing Area?

Camera Keeps an Eye Out For Trespassers In The Fishing AreaWe can give you some solid advice on how to protect your fishing area from trespassing with a trail camera. On today’s market there are several trail cameras that might just be the solution to your problems with trespassers defiling your fishing areas (some example products Besttrailcamerareviews.org). They are easy to, some have night vision, but the most important thing they are giving you is the proof you need.

When placing the game camera you must be careful not to point it directly into the sun or it will be useless. The principle it works on is simple and effective. It documents the movement. However if you point your camera directly into the sun it will take unnecessary photos due to the temperature changing in combination with breeze that moves vegetation. In other words, your camera will get confused and eat your valuable card space.

Your camera should also be secured from stealing. If the trespasser is there to steal your fish why wouldn’t he pick up a camera that’s just standing between the branches unattended? You can even make your own heavy-duty camera boxes that are suitable for protecting your camera. The thief won’t be able to pick them up, and your property will be heavily protected.

Bottom Line

You have to be aware of the environment in which you are putting the trail camera. Pay close concern to the angles, light etc. and also put your camera somewhere secluded but with good visibility. You can also use camouflage to secure your trail camera furthermore. When you have gathered all the necessary information you’ll also need a good software program to help you organize all the data.

Top 3 Fishing Knives for the Discerning Fisherman

For the avid fisherman the second most important tool; other than a fishing rod is of course a good fishing knife. Which one to buy is the question, choosing the right knife can be a daunting task indeed, doing a quick search online, the buyer would be swamped with choices, there are literally hundreds of fishing knives out there (check out http://www.besthuntingknives.org for some detailed reviews).

Here we will Review the Top 3 Fishing Knives for the Discerning Fisherman;

1. Rapala Fish’n Fillet Knife

A product of Sweden, the Rapala has a 7 inch blade made from Swedish Stainless steel, the handle is crafted from varnished birch, it comes with a leather sheath and a sharpener. The blade is of exceptionally high quality, strong enough to cut through fish bones, flexible enough to fillet a fish without any undue wastage; and sharp enough to fillet a large number of fishes with minimal effort.

2. Buck Clear Water Fillet Knife

Buck knives have always been synonymous with quality and durability, the Buck clear water fillet knives live up to Bucks standards, designed specifically for fishermen, this knife comes with a triple edged blade and a rubberized handle, the blade is made from 420HC steel, it is highly corrosion resistant and perfectly suited for both salt water and fresh water anglers. The blade is easy to sharpen and holds an edge well. The rubberized handle has drainage grooves in it that prevent it from slipping out of your hand when filleting. The Bucks Clearwater fillet knife’s rubber grip is currently one of the best for slippery work.

Top 3 Fishing Knives for the Discerning Fisherman3. Gerber Gator Fillet Knife

This knife comes with a hard molded plastic sheath and a handy build in ceramic sharpener, its 7.5” blade is made of 420HC stainless steel and it is wickedly sharp, clip pointed, with a flexible blade that slices through fish like a hot knife through butter. The handle is made of glass filled nylon with a decent grip.

Choosing the right knife is not an easy task; choose a knife based on the following criteria.

Blade Length

Choose a knife with the blade length that you are comfortable handling, while at the same time keeping in mind the sizes of the fish you are angling for, if you enjoy fishing for bluegills, don’t bother buying a large blade as filleting them would require more dexterity then a small blade.

Knife Handle

A good grip while filleting is essential, having a knife slip out of your hands while filleting could lead to an extremely painful accident. While wood is good, under cold, wet and slippery conditions, rubber is usually better.

Blade Flexibility

To minimize wastage a good fishing knife needs to be flexible, most of the fishing knives on the market have been designed to be flexible to a degree, although how flexible depends on the manufacturer.

Blade Material

The most common choice of blade materials for a fishing knife is stainless steel, although there are many other options on the market.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, it depends on what size fish you are planning to catch, what the environmental conditions are and what you are comfortable using. The Rule of thumb is, smaller fish, smaller blade size; and the colder/wetter the environment, the more grooved the knife handle should be.

Side Note: Smaller blades will be more flexible, if you choose a very large blade, it needs to be stiffer for ease of handling.

A Guide to The Best Bowfishing Bow

The sport of bow fishing is like no other. It gives you the wonderful rush of shooting a bow and arrow, but in a much calmer environment. Many consider it to be a very welcoming sport because they can convert their new[er] archery bows for use on the water. There are only a few thing that the shooter must have. The basic equipment that is needed to hit the water is a bow, fishing string, and your arrow. With that being said, there has been a surge in the popularity of bow fishing bows. This means that there are now specifically made compound bows and recurve bows on the market that are built to give you an advantage on the water.

Advance Technology

In today’s market, there have been so many advances in technology that I think there are only two viable options for bow fishing. The first option that I would suggest is converting an old archery bow that was built after 1990, or getting a bow made specifically for bow fishing. Archery bows that were built after 1990 can easily be converted into bow fishing bows, because many of them have pre-fabricated sight holes drilled into the bow.

Having the sight holes on the bow gives the shooter the perfect place to mount a handy device called the AMS Retriever Reel. It attaches to most all bows that have this mounting hole very effortlessly. This bottle reel will make retrieving your arrow, much easier. There will be no need to hassle with manually pulling your arrow back in hand-over-hand after you have taken your shot and there is no need to worry about having the chords get tangled up.

Different Fishing Aspects

When making your decision, you have to think about many different factors. I feel the most important it where you will be fishing. If you are considering using your bow fishing bow to do some deep sea fishing, I would recommend that you go with a dedicated setup. The materials that they are made of can easily be cleaned; Think of the gory nature that comes with impaling a fish.

Purchasing a dedicated setup will help you immensely when you head out into these deeper waters. When you are in deeper waters you need to be careful with your depth perception. The reason for this is because of the way that water reflects images. Most of the bow fishing bows on the market will have a sight that comes in the package that will help you compensate for the water reflection of the images, making the sport a lot easier.

Bottom Line

You never know, maybe you might start by making your own setup with very inexpensive tools and realize that you have a passion for this sport like I did. If this is the case, then as you progressively get better, you will begin to purchase better equipment. You don’t have to purchase anything too fancy when you’re still testing out the waters. You will start to notice the different tools at your disposal such as reflection compensating sights, roller rests, fish hook rests, and water specific broadheads. All of these items will help you to elevate your game so that you can achieve your best performance.

3 Reasons to Start Bass Fishing

Bass fishing is no doubt a sportsman’s choice of fishing. It is not your kid’s fishing with a simple bobber and worm. You cannot buy a treble hook and load it up with a stinky blob of color for trout. Bass fishing uses a skill of the water color, temperature, and layout to choose which lure or line set up. The technique is key in catching the big bass. Once hooked, Bass give an exciting fight worth the wait of a hundred casts. Lastly, the camaraderie in the Bass fishing world is top notch.

1. The Technique

Bass fishing technique is a little more complicated but reading the lake environment and knowing which lure to attach to your line is all you need. If the water is warm, using a top water bait like a buzzer would be a good choice. They move fast in warm water and catching a Bass on a buzzer is a great thrill. When the water is colder, using a slower mid-water or deep water lure is a better choice. Clarity of the water dictates what colors to use. Natural food options also help a fisherman decide which lures to use.

Bass fishing technique is exciting because it involves using creativity in choosing the best lure. Knowledge of the lake is a must. Knowing the layout of the lakebed is important in locating where the bass are hiding. They are territorial fish and set up their nests in fallen trees and underwater caves. Bass fishing is not cast, reel in, and repeat. To get a bass to strike, it’s territory has to be invaded. It is merging hunting, trapping and fishing all in one smooth motion.

2. The Fight

3 Reasons to Start Bass FishingThe lake is quiet, a thin layer of mist skimming over the water, the crisp cold morning air, and then a strike hits the line. Your heart tugs with your pole as you set the hook and the fight is on. A Bass pulls on your line unlike any other fish. You know it’s big as it dives and pulls. You are not just reeling in your next catch; you are performing a delicate and intricate dance between you and the bass.

The first glimpse of your prey breaks the surface in an exciting jump in an attempt to throw the hook. You keep your line tight to ease it in, let it out when it starts to pull too hard, reel back in before the slack gets too much the fish can spit it out. Then finally the smooth green and milky white is seen through the murky water. A scoop of a net and the green beast is landed.

3. The Camaraderie

Bass fishermen are a friendly group of people ready to share what has worked for them. Even in competitions, boaters are ready to talk about lake conditions and what has worked in preceding days. They keep the best secrets for themselves, but are happy to share many tips and stories. Bass fishermen are a special group of fishermen much like bow hunters differ from riflemen. Once a bass strikes a line, the fisherman becomes hooked on bass.

How to Hunt Big Fish with an Air RifleHow to Hunt Big Fish with an Air Rifle those who have decided using air rifles is the way to fish; there are things they need to understand. The use of air rifles is still tightly controlled in some states. In other places, using air rifles is totally banned. One needs to research the use of air rifles when they are planning a trip to a fishing spot. Otherwise, one might be severely disappointed to find that they may not even get the opportunity to use the air rifle. In some places in the United States, there are limitations as to the gauge of the air rifle one may use.

Using an Air Rifle

The reason some people prefer air rifles is that they feel the image of guns has been severely damaged by gun violence. Others may feel that using a gun is simply too easy. It does not give the thrill of the hunt one is looking for when they use a real gun. For some, the added difficulty is what makes the entire fishing experience so much fun.

One of the greatest advantages of hunting with an airgun is that it is relatively safe for the user. There is no risk of the pellet backfiring as the gun does not use any combustive material. In addition, air guns tend to be very quiet. This means even of one misses the first time, the fish are unlikely to be startled and swim off to the depths. Consequently, when one overshoots their target, they have an opportunity to try again. This would not be possible with something such as a shotgun.

Things to Remember When Using Air Rifles

As with any weapon, one needs to make safety a key consideration when using an air rifle. As a result, one should always treat the weapon as if it is loaded. One way of doing this is to ensure that the air rifle is always kept away from children. One should carry a case to lock it in when they are not using it, especially if there are children nearby.

How to Hunt Big Fish with an Air Rifle

Although air rifles can be powerful enough to kill fish, they are still no match for water. As a result, a typical air gun will only fire a pellet to a depth of about six inches in the water. As a result, when using an air rifle, one needs to ensure the fish are as close to the surface as possible. This will ensure a successful hit is possible.

Spring Piston Vs Pre-charged Pneumatic Air Gun (PCP)

There are various types of air rifles (http://airriflezone.com), but these two are the most common. The PCP’s main advantage is that they are super quiet. One can load up reserve air pressure, which they release when desired. Spring Piston airguns tend to be louder but more powerful. The choice as to which is purely a matter of personal preference.


Catching fish with air rifles can be a lot of fun. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive. The only thing that one needs to watch out for is the legislation. Being on the side of the law can ruin a fishing trip completely.

How To Pick The Best Fishing Boat

Do You Want to Go for Fishing?

In case you do, then you definitely realize that it is probably one of the most enjoyable methods to spend your time. And what you will need then is the appropriate fishing boat to make certain that you get the most from your fishing experiences. How to choose the best fishing boat? There are many different kinds of fishing boats available on the market. Different fishing boats provide you with diverse features depending on the type of fishing you enjoy. As a result, the initial decision in picking the right fishing boat would be to determine what type of fishing you plan to do. This is very important. For instance, a bass boat will not work nicely for walleye fishing since it is not able to handle big waves and deep water.

Angling or Entertainment

You need to find out what kind of angler you are as well. In other words, do you plan on using the boat solely for angling or do you want to use it for entertainment too? Perhaps you would like to throw in some skiing trips from time to time. If you only need the boat for fishing, in that case, purchase the one which is designed specifically for that purpose. If you want to do other water activities too, then choose a boat with multiple features. Most of the newer designs like the “sportfish” model are intended for excellent fishing and many more water activities at the same time.

The region in which you intend to do fishing will go hand in hand with the type of fishing you want to take part in. For example, are you considering fishing in salt water, fresh water or both? In case you will be angling in salt water, are you planning to go for deep sea fishing or just stay close to the water’s edge? All these are essential questions you should consider to assist you to choose the right boat for your fishing necessities.

Daytime or Night Time

How To Pick The Best Fishing BoatOne more question to take into account is whether you will be fishing only in the daytime or you will also do fishing at night. Should you choose night fishing then you must pick a boat which can offer you some protection and is much more comfortable than the other fishing boats. Take into account how many individuals are going to be accompanying you on the fishing trips. This can be a big factor in deciding on the best fishing boat. You must select a boat which is large enough for everybody to fit easily and also have enough room for maneuvering the fishing rods effortlessly.

Bottom Line

You also need to determine if you like a fiberglass boat more than an aluminum boat. Each one of these has its own benefits and drawbacks. It all depends upon the type of angling you plan to do. The bottom line is, before going out to search for that perfect fishing boat, remember to consider the things mentioned above. Asking yourself the proper questions will help you in determining which fishing boat will be the best boat to satisfy all your requirements.